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OBD2 Cable

Fleet Telematics Cable

Dash Camera Wire Harness

Sensor / Actuator Cable

Truck Diagnositic Cable

Car Audio DSP Wire Harness

Car Audio DSP Wire Harness

We provide various wire harnesses, including assembly and molding. Provide efficient and reliable solutions for your products.
Be based on cooperation with major connector manufacturers, we can provide various models of original connectors. If you need to save costs for your project, we can also provide reliable alternative connectors.
We have rich experience and automation equipment to provide various plastic products for your project.
Cactus was founded in 2007 and has more than 15 years of wire harness production experience.
Cactus provides customized harness services for more than 200 customers around the world.
cactus branchs
Cactus has 5 branches companies in China, with more than 200 employees and annual production of 4 million wire harnesses.

Reliable Quality Control Throughout The Whole Process

Perform reliability at every step, starting with design

Material Reliability Testing

We have our own dedicated laboratory for performance testing and quality control of the raw materials selected in the early stage to ensure that every material used is qualified.

Electrical System Reliability Design

According to the function of the product, through reasonable improvement and combination of lines and components, differentiated and modularized processing, in order to reduce the loop and improve the reliability of the electrical system.
quality control

Terminal/Connector Reliability Selection

After analyzing the main faults of terminals and connectors, different types of connectors are used for different equipments in different use environments.

Production Process Reliability Design

Design the best processing technology according to the product structure, use function and characteristic requirements, and ensure the key dimensions and related requirements of the product through molds and tooling.
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